Here is list of current chapters, we would love for you to start your own!

Dallas (TX) Chapter

In July of 2009, a group of 11 mothers and their daughters traveled to Guatemala on a mission trip through the organization Orphan Outreach.  While all of these women had volunteered and served children before, somehow this trip affected them differently.  Upon their return to Dallas, these “founding members” created Women for Orphans Worldwide “WOW”, a national auxiliary of Orphan Outreach specifically serving the children of Guatemala.

On December 1, 2009, WOW Dallas hosted its first luncheon and received donations totaling $8,237.   From those humble beginnings, WOW has grown from the original Dallas chapter to multiple chapters throughout the country, and more than $250,000 has been raised.  These funds provide for school uniforms and supplies, urgent medical expenses, new washers and dryers, Christmas parties and presents, improvements to facilities, and pay the salaries of teachers, psychologists, and others whose services are critical to the well being of the children.  Most importantly, more than 600 men, women, children and families have become involved with WOW and its ministry and more than 200 individuals have travelled to Guatemala to meet the incredible children and caretakers who inspired it all. Click here to learn more about the Dallas Chapter.


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