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Day 1: Reflections from Layton, Amanda and Calla

On the first day in Guatemala, we had a nice breakfast in the hotel. Crepes & omelets were a favorite of many people! Afterwards, we loaded up the bus and headed to the first orphanage.

At the first orphanage, Love The Child, we were greeted by children crying and running away from us. But, eventually they warmed up to us. We played games with the toddlers & held the babies. After a little a bit of playing with the children at the orphanage we got to feed them lunch. Then, we got to go on a tour of the orphanage. While on the tour, we noticed that the orphanage was a bit small, but very clean & well kept. Also, during our stay, we noticed how loving and caring the environment the children were growing up in was. Our few of our favorite friends were Anthony, Fernando, & Oscar! The children at the orphanage were so kind, adorable, & well taken care of. We were so sad to leave!

At the government orphanage, we were greeted by many hugs & “hola’s”. But, the atmosphere didn’t feel quite as loving. There were much more children and the grounds were a lot bigger. We set up a carnival for the children, which included of face painting, musical floor, three legged race, fishing, & corn hole. The children seemed to have a very good time & really enjoyed all the prizes. Overall it was a really good day!

When we got back to the hotel we had some time to get ready, and then we had dinner. At dinner we celebrated Amanda’s birthday with a really big cake and a Tinkerbelle piñata. We had a really fun evening!

Amanda celebrating her 15th- Guatemala is a special place for that! (That is a piñata behind her)

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