Here are some current and starting WOW chapters:

Atlanta Chapter

The Atalanta of Women for Orphans Worldwide in dedicated to helping orphans in LaPaz, Honduras. We hope you find a way to learn more, give more and love more by giving back to others. GOD has blessed all of us in so many ways and now it’s our turn to bless others. Click here to learn more about the Atlanta Chapter.

Columbus (OH) Chapter

I have always had a heart for orphans, though, have never done anything with that. Through a series of books and Bible studies, I have felt God nudging me to do something. James 2:14 says, “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?” I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, here in Columbus, and I hope that you will join me to help the orphans in Russia. Click here to learn more about the Columbus Chapter.

Dallas (TX) Chapter

Since December of 2009, the WOW Dallas chapter has raised money to provide for all of the educational needs of the 60 orphans at Mama Carmen’s, an orphanage in Guatemala City and fund teachers at CERECIAF, an orphanage in Xela, Guatemala. In addition, the Dallas chapter has donated funds for urgent medical expenses, a new washer/dryer, Christmas parties and presents and other emergency needs at Mama Carmen’s and CERECIAF orphanages. In addition, WOW junior members have collected and delivered much needed supplies including underwear and Christmas presents. Click here to learn more about the Dallas Chapter.

Dallas Suburia (TX) Chapter

WOW Dallas Suburbia was founded by a group of mothers and daughters committed to changing the lives of orphans in Guatemala. Kristen and Jessa traveled with Orphan Outreach in December of 2011 to spend time with these children and assist with providing Christmas and some of their basics needs. They were joined by others to form WOW Dallas Suburbia, an auxiliary to Orphan Outreach. Click here to learn more about the Dallas Suburbia Chapter.

East Texas (TX) Chapter

WOW-East Texas (Women for Orphans Worldwide) has a mission to let others learn about the needs of orphans and to provide opportunities for women, their families and friends to get involved & make an impact on these under-served children. WOW-East Texas is open to everyone, not just women. Click here to learn more about the East Texas Chapter.

Houston (TX) Chapter

A chapter is starting in Houston! Contact Terri Tarwater at for more information. Click here to learn more about the Houston Chapter.

Hampton Roads (VA) Chapter

The Hampton Roads Chapter of WOW began in the spring of 2012 by Chris Wingard. Chris is a stay at home mom who does website design for an orphan ministry in Maryland, and in browsing their resource links, she came across Orphan Outreach and WOW.  “Through a series of books, Bible study, and people, I have felt God calling me to step outside my comfort zone and do something radical for Him”, she says. “Starting a WOW chapter and being involved in the lives of Guatemalan orphans was my answer.” Click here to learn more about the Hampton Roads Chapter.

Jesup (GA) Chapter

Growing up, I had a grandmother that made it a point to collect items for backpacks and shoebox drives every year not only for her church but for all the churches she could possible donate to in the community. Honestly, I never thought much about it, it was just something that she done. After I had my son, it hit me hard the purpose of all that she had done. Her heart has always been bigger than anyone else I have ever met. For a little more than two years I have had it on my heart, mind, and even in my dreams about helping children in India. All donations collected by this chapter will go to the House Of Grace Children’s Home and Rainbow School in India.
Click here to learn more about the Jesup Chapter.

Orange County

The Orange County Chapter of Women for Orphans Worldwide supports the idea that education should not hold a gender preference. We believe that females are more than capable of becoming positive contributors to their community and deserve the same long term opportunities as men. Our goal is to work with the ELWYN PAREKH CHILDRENS HOME IN INDIA, an all girls orphanage, and supply the home with the necessities they need to give these girls the opportunity of a primary, secondary and any education pursued thereafter. Click here to learn more about the Orange County chapter.

Pittsburgh (PA) Chapter

The WOW chapter of Pittsburgh, PA is excited to embark on this journey to enrich the lives of less fortunate children. Abagayle Stock and Morgan Metzger started this chapter; they are current and former pre-medicine students at Penn State University. From their previous work in college, they were inspired to pursue their interest in helping others. Both are incredibly excited and honored to help orphans in Guatemala receive the help that so many need and deserve. By having the opportunity to fundraise and to travel on missions to the orphanage, their hope is that they can positively impact the lives of many children by providing them with supplies as well as love and support. One of the goals behind beginning this chapter is to provide an outlet for students as well as families in our community to giveback. Click here to learn more about the Pittsburgh chapter.

 Williamsburg (VA) Chapter

Hello, my name is Debbie Cook and I live in the northern end of Williamsburg, Virginia. I grew up in a large family and was always surrounded by family, friends and neighbors. That was the norm when I was young and continued as I grew older. It was like a dependable, loving community where everyone looked out and cared for everyone else. The dividing line between who belonged to what family in the neighborhood was a shade of gray instead of black or white. It just didn’t matter when it came to love, care and support. We would constantly look out for each other and knew we were being looked out for especially when parents were not able to. Click here to learn more about the Williamsburg Chapter.