WOW-Houston (Women for Orphans Worldwide) has a mission to let others learn about the needs of orphans and to provide opportunities for women, their families and friends to get involved and make an impact on these under-served children.

1st Annual WOW Houston Brunch and Guatemalan Market

Thursday, December 6, 2018
35 Sandalwood Drive, Houston, Texas 77024
Guest Speaker, Shyrel Atkins Osborn, founder of Love the Child baby home.

This event has been generously
underwritten by the WOW Houston board so that 100% of donations and market purchases benefit the children in Guatemala.

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Contact us to find out more information about how you can help in Houston, our current projects in Guatemala and when our next meeting is being held. We look forward to serving the people of Guatemala with you.

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Christmas Alternative Gifts – STOVES

Donate $250 to provide a new stove and water filter to a family in Guatemala in honor of your friend or family and we will send a card notifying them of the Christmas gift made in their honor.

In 2014, WOW and Orphan Outreach began partnering with HELPs to provide ONIL Stoves and water filters since many of the families in the community cook with an open fire and every day are exposed to severe health hazards that come from the carcinogenic smoke. The families live in very small homes with dirt floors and tin roofs, where smoke cannot escape their homes. The small children in the family are a risk to severe burns, and the mothers spend their days searching for wood.

WOW mission teams, under the supervision of HELPs, have installed 65 stoves in 2015 and 2016 and plan to install 80 more in 2017.

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About HELPs International and the ONIL Stoves

HELPS International, founded in 1984, is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works in partnership with individuals, local and national governments to improve health, education, community development, agricultural and economic development in Latin America.
After a two-year investigation of both the cultural and technological factors surrounding these open cooking fires, HELPS International developed the ONIL Stove, which replaces the open fires on the floor of the house.  The ONIL Stove has proven to:

  • reduce smoke levels in the dwelling by 99%
  • increased the cooking surface height – eliminating burns and/or uncontrolled fires
  • decreased the time collecting wood by two days per week (per family), create a 70% savings in wood fuel consumption; this allows for both environmental and economic benefits
  • gravity clean water filter provides up to 10 gallons of safe, filtered drinking water every 24 hours.
  • ensures 100% removal of parasites such as guinea worm and giardia, and 99.99% removal of pathogenic bacteria such as:  cholera, e. coli, and  shigella.

To date, 250,000 stoves have been installed in Guatemala affecting 1.25 million people, but the need is 1.3 million stoves to eliminate the open fires in the country.


Founding of WOW – Houston

Terri and Marlee Tarwater traveled on the first WOW trip and helped found WOW Dallas in 2010. In 2012, their family moved to Houston but the entire family continued to support WOW with humanitarian aid collections and mission trips. In 2016, additional Houston families joined WOW summer mission teams and a WOW Houston vision trip was completed in September. For more information contact Terri at


Founding of Women for Orphans Worldwide

In July of 2009, thirteen mothers and daughters traveled to Guatemala with Orphan Outreach to serve together. After seeing the immense needs of the orphans in Guatemala, the team decided to start Women for Orphans worldwide as a way to continue working with Orphan Outreach from home.

According to UNICEF, there are more than 163 million orphans in the world. Orphan Outreach was founded to make a lasting difference to Orphans and vulnerable kids by developing and supporting programs that prepare them for fulfilling, independent life in their community. Orphan Outreach is based in Plano, Texas. They serve several different countries: Guatemala, Honduras, Russia, India, Kenya, Latvia, Ukraine and here in the United States.