Our Mission:

Promoting the Opportunity for Women’s Educational Rights worldwide by working toward the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal 3. The belief  that all females deserve the same educational opportunities thus focusing on the elimination of gender discrepancy in primary and secondary education and all levels of education after that.

Our Goal:

The Orange County Chapter of Women for Orphans Worldwide supports the idea that education should not hold a gender preference. We believe that females are more than capable of becoming positive contributors to their community and deserve the same long term opportunities as men.

In our research we found that in India, 90% of the 11 million abandoned children are girls due to the gender bias, and 50% of girls do not receive the  same opportunity to attend school or even an education simply because of their sex.

Our goal is to work with the ELWYN PAREKH CHILDRENS HOME IN INDIA, an all girls orphanage, and supply the home with the necessities they need to give these girls the opportunity of a primary, secondary and any education pursued thereafter. These needs can include, but are not limited to, school supplies (ie backpacks, pencils, paper, ect),  nutritional needs and/or housing supplies to insure they obtain the support needed for a good education.

The whole purpose, and the heart of our mission, is to reach one girl at a time so she knows her options in life are no longer limited to sex trafficking, brothels, prostitution or poverty.

In all, we believe that that these young women are made to be more in this world than just an object and instead should be considered equal and a surpassing human being.