The WOW chapter of Pittsburgh, PA is excited to embark on this journey to enrich the lives of less fortunate children. Abagayle Stock and Morgan Metzger started this chapter; they are current and former pre-medicine students at Penn State University. From their previous work in college, they were inspired to pursue their interest in helping others. Both are incredibly excited and honored to help orphans in Guatemala receive the help that so many need and deserve. By having the opportunity to fundraise and to travel on missions to the orphanage, their hope is that they can positively impact the lives of many children by providing them with supplies as well as love and support. One of the goals behind beginning this chapter is to provide an outlet for students as well as families in our community to giveback.

This chapter’s activity will be headed by groups of college students and recent college graduates. Our chapter’s recruitment focus is college students from surrounding universities in the Pittsburgh area. College is such an incredible time to volunteer and to provide students with an experience they can continue to be involved with throughout their careers and their lives. It is a perfect opportunity to impact a person’s life in a positive way in hopes that they will instill the values of compassion and charity into the lives of their future children. Both Abagayle and Morgan believe in the value of charity in their lives and hope that the many others with these same values will be able to help provide the children of Guatemala with everything a young child deserves in life.