WOW Wednesday Night

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Thoughts from Berry and Mason (be prepared to laugh):

Waking up at 6:45 feeling very tired and cold, but knowing that we were going to see those cute, precious faces made it all worth while. The first thing we did when we got to the orphanage was carry huge cinder blocks down a hill after sprinting up a steep incline. Which was quite the work out but actually very fun. The cinder blocks were going to be used for making steps which will lead to the new grill that the orphanage is also working on.

After carrying a total of 32 blocks down the hill, it was time to shovel some dirt. Now the average person might think that this is an easy task… but you are wrong! We had no idea how much strength and endurance you need to perform this task. Now we know why construction men so strong and muscular. Mason does not have as much endurance as Berry does, so she decided to leave her friend Berry and go put some nice yellow paint on a wall.

While doing this Berry, Sam, and Emma played some soccer while the little kids were in school. Then it was time for lunch. Mason and Berry had decided to be adventurous, so they made a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Which to their surprise was quite delectable. Cookies were survived with chocolate stuffed Oreos and an assortment of chips and drinks.

After lunch we finished the task that we had started in the morning, and then began the kids carnival. Mason and Berry were in charge of the face painting. Mason and Berry were very excited to show off their artistic talent on the faces of the youth. One of the most common face painting requests was the puppy face, which included the nice red tongue that hung below the mouth. A close second was the la mariposa which in English is called the butterfly. When they were done with the painting all the kids looked beautiful.

At the end of the carnival the kids were given a cute little beanie baby and water gun. Their faces all lit up with joy. Some of the little girls were chasing each other with their dog beanie baby’s and making the noises of the dog and cat.

The orphanage sweetly gave us a nice little parting gift, which was very much appreciated. It was really nice to see how much the kids loved us being there and really appreciated us, even though we didn’t do much. Its goes to show that a little goes a long way. These kids truly put smiles on our faces and brought tears to our eyes. They really showed us the meaning of appreciation and how fortunate we are to live the lives that we are so lucky to live. We know that this has been quite the long read but as you can probably tell it was worth it, we know we’re great writes. Well ta ta for now!

Xoxo Mason and Berry

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